The Great American Sorry​-​Book

by The Blank String Sextet

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Well these are all songs that I released under my own name. I just thought it would make way more sense to have all my stuff together. I've still got a crap ton more under my name though. Who cares, though. This is the best stuff I released. From summer songs and fall songs.

This album is way more folky/acoustic than the last. Apparently, the last one was boring anyway. Whatever.


That's my grandma (Mawmaw) in the album cover

Making a kind of weird album right now. A lil confused.


released March 16, 2017




The Blank String Sextet Schenectady, New York

I mean I make what I make and don't make whatever

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Track Name: Cloudy Day Lullaby
Lover talk softly now
My ears may be ringing
For awhile

But who needs hearing now
When around me, all I see
Are blue skies

Blues skies change to grey
But I'll stay hopeful
That they'll return soon

Come and go to see
In the darkened sun

Look out where the sun
Used to be
And know it has found tomorrow

Sweet dreams passing sun
When missing
I feel your gone

A day full of changing skies
There's still room
For an unchanging night

Soon, it is coming soon
One day of light
Is not enough
Track Name: Come Outside
Come outside
Come outside
Come outside
Please come outside

See them go
Watch them leave
Bury your face
Deep, deep in the snow

People change
With this place
From thoughts of love
And thoughts of hate

Open the door and hear that old whistle
Feel the cold wind

Even the the seats are warmer
Inside you give in
You give in

These cold hands
This old jacket
They hide on the walls
They hide on the walls

This same feeling flies past us
We're feeling too old
I'm feeling too old

To come outside
Come outside
Come outside
Please come outside
Track Name: Black on Black
Black on black
Tracked down at last

At least part of me
Can see what's going on
At least marred mankind
Still desires more
Is it more
To keep the lights off
Just to force yourself to sleep?
To conquer what is crushed
To make yourself complete?

Words seem so worthless now
Yet I can't afford to speak
I'm thrown out, though all is well
My tears begin to sing

"Let peace fly all around us!
Let no hatred surround!
Hands were made to unite
Not to tie each other down."

But emotions last a moment
A moment gone too soon
Whether in the clouds or not
Dreams can't always come true

So petty
So out-of-control
So overwhelming
So beautiful
Track Name: Past Bedtime
Hush now
The love is asleep
I can't give out
Or give in to the weak
I saw you
Around too long

But the other day
Seemed just the same
As all before
But a flame is not a sight for me

I can't even count how long it has been
I've seen much worse than this

I'm cursed now
And the fears are pristine
They're almost too loud
To let us rest in peace

But the other day
With my hopeful fate
I crossed the line
To go against the push of the stream

The cold rush fills me quickly
I've seen much worse than this

Hush now
I've waited too long
Track Name: Sold Beneath the Crown of Us All
The memories are so fine
But now all I'm left with is something too dry
Give up the ghost until you won't
But my heart doesn't ache
Even after the day has gone
I feel all the same
I'm not missing the plains
I'm just fine

Lost or found on unknown ground
My hometown keeps turning in
Now I only wonder which direction to go
So I'll walk towards the sun
Cause the sun never blinded us
And though it's bizarre and it seeks oh so far
We can reach it some day

In truth remains my own sweet song
A collection of wounds that turn me wrong
Don't expect me to stop as if it's too late
Because it's you or it's me
It could never be both of us
For one has to stay within the space of today
To move on

Look at all we've turned against
Who needs hope in bitterness?
Sold beneath the crown of us all
Well I laughed and I laughed
Out all that was left of me
And the world stays the same
Yet I'm all too late
To be broken inside.
Track Name: Oh December, Oh December
It's west to the new world
It's best that you leave me alone
Ships go with sailing
I'll wait for a new storm to come
Then off like a hero
A mist to the zeros, they've won

You sleep with a blanket
The smell of a vacant estate
But blue flowers in the distance
Blue birds with their wings damned to hell
And softly do you call them
You sing to them often for chills

Water falls below me
A sky that can flow on for miles
Be still, stop the ocean
Calming the motion to sleep
To just wreck through the mountains
Oh drown me in the fountains of the sea

You'll run til you die
You'll lose breath just to strive to the sea
Blue crystal water
The taker of your lover. I'm free
Be still, stop your crying
We're both only dying today

I'd love just to hold what
I dreamt was the hole in your heart
To laugh when you see me
To cry when you melt to the floor
And dance for the neighbors
The down, broken slaves, all the more

Oh how December,
The locks to remembrance,
Can sing!
And out goes our bottom
The key to a promise
(Look what) we've done

You're alone for the new year
Cheers to the days of the old
Be still, hold your feet down
Don't go with the waves of the cold
Maybe you should fall off the walls
Of the fall of the spring
Or take what was left
Of the thoughts in your head to the floor

Oh how December,
The locks to remembrance,
Can sing!
And out goes our bottom
The key to a promise
(Look what) we've done!

Oh how December,
The locks to remembrance,
Can sing!
And out goes our bottom,
The key to a promise
(Look what) we've done!

Be still, I'm not with you
You'll take every nce you can get
Track Name: Take Me To, Well, I Don't Know Where
I slept on my side
The moon was in my eyes
Calling "Please wake me up."

He saw through my smile
A long, lost reflection
Of himself as a child
From a home that he doesn't love

A window broke between us
Or a mirror fell below me
On the cold side of my bed

He saw me see him shaking
And slipped out in whisper
"You're me in my own head."

And up float the trees
They're gone in the seas
Of the cold, dark air
Take me to, well, I don't know where

Suddenly a rain drop falls with the moon's light
And dances with my hair
It's cold give me shelter
Don't be a stranger
Take me to I don't know where.

So down goes the skyline
It brushes past the sunrise
It's cold, but I can't tell
If this is night
Or this is Hell.
Track Name: Maggie's On Her Deathbed. I'm Crying.
She can't hold on for another hour
The TV turns. I've spaced out
Wasted all I hoped to find

I'll hold my hand up to block the light
Somehow it slips through the cracks in my eyes
From a lack of sleep

I'll settle down
For death's wish
I heard the sound
Of a laughing kid

Some days it's lifted, it's far, but I catch up
My feet burn in the ashfield
I'm knee deep

Throw me up
I'll float with you
I'll catch the grave
It's meant for you

Oh to be crippled in the end
I thought she flew like sand
Goodbye, dear old friend
Track Name: Welcome To Dusk
If it's a sign from above
Then it's blinding us all
Just crack the door,
Express whatever is right

I'll stand on my head
It's the thought that matters
A blood rush moves
The rest of my body

So I'm tired of the truth
It gets me down

"Welcome to dusk
Lose your eyes
On the paper homes
Watch them start a fire as we burn."

But I've settled in for the weekend
End me now

How lovely the stars are
They sway to the beat of
Everyone's everything

But somebody show me the way out
My shirt caught the flames
Now I felt the loneliness of man

I'm just the kind
To break even
It shows in my eyes

You're better off
With a real man
End me now
Track Name: We Never Have. We Never Will?
Staring down at my feet
They're watching the heat fall over me
There's so much to see
But the warmth of a gun gets a hold of me

Will you take me far? I hope so
We don't grow, I'm sure it shows
But a while seems a long, long time

But fear is at its best
Hang me now, I don't care how I feel
The future can wait
From a kiss gone wrong in another time zone

Will you take me far? I hope so
We don't grow. I'm sure it shows

Her dried up lips
Caused me to freeze, though I thought I was burning
It's just what I thought:
You can't get what you want out of everyone

Will you take me farther? I hope so
We don't grow. I'm sure it shows

I'm thinking of the last time another hand is drawn.
Track Name: Come Away
Come away
Come away
Come away
Come away

The carpet's so red
I wonder if I'll drop off
Heaven, give a call to ease my mind
I'm tied in the thread of God.
We're out of touch
Deny me or take a fall.
Don't look up
You'll see me

Come away
Come away
Come away
Come away
I'm out to fade
I've gone astray
Come away
Come away

I can't sit on the freezing floor one last time
The ground's dry. I thirst no more. I give up
Bring me back to all that's well within the wait
But a good day is such a bore
Tomorrow proves

Come away
Come away
Come away
Come away

My legs feel kind of tired.
Break them off
I'm no one, I'm every lie.
Tie me down
There's space here, but why?
I only want to

Come away
Come away
Come away
Come away